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Welcome to WordPressTutorials.com. My name is Stone Evans and I purchased this domain name after discovering the WordPress Tutorial Videos package offered by one of the leading WordPress development companies WPMU DEV.

I thought it was an amazing package and would help me build a great WordPress tutorials website more easily. Then I started thinking about what the best domain name to build this website would be and naturally “WordPressTutorials.com” entered my mind first.

When I searched the for the domain, I found that it was for sale by an independent owner, and entered negotiations to buy the domain. A few weeks and thousands of dollars later, I became the proud owner of WordPressTutorials.com

I was excited and quickly started developing this website by adding WordPress tutorials from WPMU DEV. Then, somewhere along the way as I was diving deeper into my WordPress research, I learned that the WordPress Foundation does not want people to use “WordPress” in any domain name as discussed in the WordPress Trademark Policy.

When I read that, I got really bummed out because I was excited about my new domain name, and the project I started of providing free and easy access to WordPress Tutorials, and I was already thousands of dollars into development on this project.

So the wind was taken out of my sails for a while…

I completely let go of the project for a few months, and just let the website sit around with the existing WordPress tutorials I had published on the site. Then after a few months, I thought about it again, and decided that I would simply try to turn this project into a website of value for WordPress users worldwide, and hopefully along the way receive the blessings of WordPress to keep this site active so that my investment was not wasted.

I am figuring that it is better to try to use this valuable domain name for the good of WordPress itself than to let it go or try to sell it to someone else who might not want to contribute to the betterment of the global WordPress community.

Since the domain name itself gets a steady stream of people typing it in to search for WordPress tutorials, I’m thinking at the very least this website can be a portal for people who are looking for WordPress tutorials to find what they are looking for more easily, and while they are at it, learn more about the WordPress Foundation itself and the ongoing developments of the WordPress software and WordPress Community.

My mission with this website is to add another voice of support and enthusiasm for WordPress itself, a software and a community that has changed my life by providing me with the tools to turn many of my dreams into reality by creating websites of value.

I hope that you will find value here as well, and if you have a WordPress tutorials resource that you believe would contribute this site’s development, contact me to let me know.


Stone Evans

P.S. In addition to the tutorials added directly to WordPressTutorials.com, here’s some of the most popular WordPress Tutorials found on YouTube:

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